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Power Alley (Levante)

1h 39m Drama 2023

UK Digital Premiere

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This film is fully subtitled in English

On the eve of a major championship game for her LGBTQ+-inclusive volleyball team, Sofia is faced with an unwanted pregnancy. Seeking an abortion—criminalised in Brazil—she becomes the target of a fundamentalist group determined to stop her.
Promising Brazilian volleyball player Sofia, 17, is on the brink of a future-defining game she has worked tirelessly for. When she discovers her pregnancy, Sofia is forced to seek help in a country where abortion is criminalised in most circumstances. Desperate, she becomes the target of a fundamentalist group determined to stop her at any cost. Luckily neither Sofia nor her boundlessly loving father and fiercely loyal teammates are willing to surrender to the blind fervour of the swarm.

Winner, FIPRESCI Prize, Cannes Film Festival Semaine de la Critique 2023

Power Alley shows the very real barriers to access abortion in Brazil. It also delivers a powerful message about true friendship in a situation many women and girls end up having to face alone.” - Andrea Carvalho, senior research assistant, Americas Division, Human Rights Watch

“A compelling story that could happen to anyone in Brazil, or even in other countries, where there is no access to abortion.” - Regina Tamés, deputy director, Women’s Rights Division, Human Rights Watch

Content Advisory: This film contains depictions of violence, strong language, nudity, and reference to abortion.

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Lillah Halla


Rafaella Costa


Louise Bellicaud


Portuguese, Spanish


Brazil, France, Uruguay