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A Revolution on Canvas

1h 35m Documentary 2023

European Digital Premiere

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This art-heist-thriller-meets-portrait-documentary delves into the disappearance of over 100 “treasonous” paintings by the co-director’s father, revolutionary Iranian artist Nickzad (Nicky) Nodjoumi.
After an exhibition of Iranian artist Nicky Nodjoumi’s work in 1980 is declared critical of the regime, it is vandalised by Islamist radicals, and he is forced to flee Iran. Decades later, as protests erupt in Iran again, Nicky and his daughter Sara dive into the mystery surrounding the disappearance of more than 100 of his “treasonous” paintings. The result is a political thriller with intimate conversations that reveal the power of art, sacrifice, and family.

Courtesy of HBO Documentary Films

“Eventually the central event of my father’s life—the revolution and subsequent vandalisation of his art show in Tehran—led us to a film that hopefully pays tribute to both my parents’ art and life while also helping me understand the origins and mysteries of our homeland and family better.” - Sara Nodjoumi, co-director, A Revolution on Canvas

Content advisory: This film contains archival footage and images of violent protests including police violence, shootings, dead bodies, gunfire, and execution.

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Sara Nodjoumi


Till Schauder


English, Farsi


United States