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Up To G-Cup

Documentary 1h 20m 2022

In-Cinema experience
New York audiences can join us in person at the HRW Film Festival.

  • Monday May 23, 9:00 PM, IFC Center
  • Wednesday May 25, 9:00 PM, Film at Lincoln Center, Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center

This film offers Closed Captioning in English. You can select this option by clicking the ‘CC’ button in the bottom right of the player to turn on captions. Audio Described version of this film is available by purchasing the version titled: “Audio Described Version: Clarissa’s Battle” on this festival platform (HERE)

World Premiere

Northern Iraq’s first lingerie store not only sells underwear, but also acts as a meeting place where women connect to their bodies and sensuality after overcoming the traumas of oppression, war, and conservative morality. The store is in Suleimaniyah, a city in the Kurdish Autonomous Region of Iraq, where the male management of the mall state: “A billboard of a woman in lingerie is not possible - a woman in a bra and thong but without a head, maybe.” Yet the women in Up to G-Cup are open with each other and the camera. Director Jacqueline van Vugt captures intimate stories about love, sex, shame, and war.

“Women, girls - all their decisions have to be approved by the family. You can’t choose your own husband. Our culture doesn’t allow us to follow our hearts, your heart has to stay hidden.” - Shyaw, Film Participant, Up to G-Cup

“It is my dream that one day in Kurdistan too, lingerie will be seen like other clothes and no longer be a taboo subject.” - Shapol, Film Participant, Up to G-Cup

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Kurdish, Arabic