Through the Night (2020)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 12m

This film offers subtitles in English and Closed Captioning. You can select these options by clicking the ‘CC’ button in the bottom right of the player.

Across the US, even before the Covid-19 pandemic, people have been working longer hours across multiple jobs just to pay the rent. This reality of non-stop work has resulted in an unexpected phenomenon: the flourishing of 24-hour daycare centers. Dee’s Tots Daycare, a home-based center in a New York suburb, has become a lifeline for families in the community. Through intimate stories of two working mothers and their beloved caregiver, Nunu, we see how this daycare patches up the gaping holes in a threadbare social safety net and provides a personal response to an urgent problem. Uncover the close bonds forged between parents, children and caregivers. Director Loira Limbal, herself a single parent who made the film while holding down a full-time job, captures a quietly damning portrait of a merciless economy’s effect on working-class mothers and turns a much-needed spotlight on these unsung heroes.

Watch at your own pace anytime between Feb 2-Feb 8, 2021, or join us and watch-along before the live Opening Night Q&A

February 3, 2021
5:45pm (PST) / 8:45pm (EST) : Press play and begin watching the film.
6:55pm (PST) / 9:55pm (PST): Grab a snack and refill your beverage
7pm (PST) / 10pm (EST) : Join us for the live Q&A on Zoom (RSVP required.)

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Loira Limbal


Jameka Autrey

Executive Producer

Sally Jo Fifer

Executive Producer

Justine Nagan

Executive Producer

Chris White


Naiti Gamez


Nicole Docta





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