Reunited (2020)

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The Netherlands premiere of Reunited is part of Human Rights Weekend 2021 Opening Night, co-presented by De Balie. This year’s opening night consists of the online screening of Reunited and an exclusive live program on Zoom. For more information, see below.

Update: We offer the exclusive opportunity to already watch Reunited one day before the festival starts. The film will already be available to watch starting February 11th, to better accommodate attendees of the opening night of February 12nd at 20:30 CET.

Reunited is a story of love across borders, and the compromises a family must make when it is torn apart by circumstances beyond its control. When Rana and Muhkles are forced to flee the war in Syria in a desperate search for stable and secure futures for their family, they are separated from their children. Rana is in Denmark, Mukhles is in Canada, and their young sons Jad and Nidal, ages 11 and 17, are stuck alone in Turkey. Through small everyday moments captured on video calls and home movies, director Mia Jargil paints an intimate and loving portrait of a family in limbo, navigating frustrating twists and turns at the hands of Kafkaesque bureaucracies, combating physical distance to retain familial bonds and connection.

Reunited shed(s) light on a family’s destiny in order to provide the debate with a human perspective and mobilize a common guard against intolerance.” - Mia Jargil, director, Reunited

Fully subtitled in English

Watch this film at your own pace from February 12-14, or watch along with us on opening night on Friday February 12, 2021:

  • 19:00 (CET): Reserve your free ticket and begin watching Reunited.
  • 20:20 (CET): Grab a quick snack and refill your beverage.
  • 20:30-21:30 (CET): Join us for the live opening night program including film Q&A on Zoom. Click here to register.

The opening night program on Zoom includes the following speakers and provides the opportunity to ask your questions to all: - Mira Jargil, film director of Reunited - Rana Agha, main film participant of Reunited - Tineke Ceelen, Director of Stichting Vluchteling - Bill Frelick, Director Refugee Rights and Migrant Rights at Human Rights Watch - Moderator Anne-Marijn Epker, Senior Editor at De Balie

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Mira Jargil


Kirstine Barfod


English, Danish, Arabic



Bonus Content

53 mins
Human Rights Weekend 2021 Opening Night on Zoom

Recording of Human Rights Weekend 2021 Opening Night, co-presented by De Balie. Hear more about the story behind Reunited and pressing refugee issues in Europe. With film director Mira Jargil; Rana Agha, mother of the featured family; Tineke Ceelen of the Netherlands Refugee Foundation; and Human Rights Watch’s Bill Frelick.

4 mins
France: Immigrant Children Being Denied Protection

Unaccompanied children arriving in France’s Alpine region undergo flawed age assessment procedures that deny many access to needed protection.

Read full report here, and download Reunited to access this video content.

1 mins
Bangladesh: Rohingya Children Denied Education

The government of Bangladesh is blocking aid groups from providing any meaningful education to Rohingya children in refugee camps and banning the children from attending schools outside the camps, Human Rights Watch said in the report “Are We Not Human?”, Denial of Education for Rohingya Refugee Children in Bangladesh. The government should urgently lift the restrictions that unlawfully deprive almost 400,000 Rohingya refugee children of their right to education.

Read full report here, and download Reunited to access this video content.

2 mins
Greece: Asylum-Seeking Children Deprived of School

Greece is denying thousands of asylum-seeking children their right to an education because of an European Union-backed migration policy that traps them on the Aegean islands.

Human Rights Watch’s report, ‘Without Education They Lose Their Future’: Denial of Education to Child Asylum Seekers on the Greek Islands, found that fewer than 15 percent of more than 3,000 school-age asylum-seeking children on the islands were enrolled in public school at the end of the 2017-2018 school year, and that in government-run camps on the islands, only about 100 children, all preschoolers, had access to formal education. The asylum-seeking children on the islands are denied the educational opportunities they would have on the mainland. Most of those who were able to go to school had been allowed to leave the government-run camps for housing run by local authorities and volunteers.

Read full report here, and download Reunited to access this video content.

6 mins
France: Child Migrants Left Adrift in Paris

Child protection authorities in Paris are using flawed age assessment procedures for unaccompanied migrant youths, excluding many from care they need and are entitled to. Hundreds of unaccompanied children sleep on the streets of Paris each night, according to estimates from lawyers and nongovernmental organizations.

Read full report here, and download Reunited to access this video content.

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