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Possible Selves

Documentary 1h 20m 2021

World Premiere

“Possible Selves” follows two California teenagers in foster care through their tumultuous high school years. It is the first major documentary to focus on the lived experience of foster kids themselves rather than on the foster care system.

Possible Selves follows two brave teenagers in foster care through their tumultuous high school years.The film intimately shares Alex and Mia’s journeys as they strive to attain a goal that only 3% of adults who grow up in foster care reach: graduating from college.

Part of the reason that the stories of foster youth are so often overlooked is that filming with foster youth requires permission from a judge. The film team was granted this extraordinary access by the Los Angeles County Children’s Court and partnered with First Star, a nonprofit that helps foster youth prepare for college.

Keep watching after the film for a recorded conversation with Alex, filmmaker Shaun Kadlec and Zama Neff, from Human Rights Watch

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Shaun Kadlec


Jamie Wolf


Shaun Kadlec

Executive Producer

Bill Resnick


Grace Zahrah


Pablo Bryant

Consulting Editor

Doug Blush


Theo Popov






United States

Bonus Content

POSSIBLE SELVES Film talk with Shaun Kadlec, Alex Ballantyne and Zama Neff, Human Rights Watch


Hear from the director, Shaun Kadlec, film participant Alexander Ballantyne and Zama Neff, Executive Director, Children’s Rights Division at Human Rights Watch as they speak about the ways the audience can get involved to support foster youth across the country.

To support organizations doing this work, check out our community partners, First Star , California Youth Connection, USC School of Social Work, John Burton Advocates for Youth, , the Alliance for Children’s Rights and National Foster Youth Institute