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Audio Described Version: We Are Guardians - Toronto Screening

1h 22m Documentary 2023

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As Indigenous Brazilian forest guardians in the Amazon fend off attacks from illegal loggers, miners, and exporters, we bear witness to what happens when Indigenous rights, land stewardship, and political corruption converge. Meet Brazilian Indigenous activists fighting to protect their home . an illegal logger in a desperate financial state, and a landowner driven to preserving the rich ecosystem at all cost. Directed by an Indigenous activist and environmental filmmakers, produced by Fisher Stevens, and executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, this film’s beauty lies in its intimate storytelling, providing a human entry-point into the Amazon’s critical situation that impacts us all.

We Are Guardians is a poignant portrayal of the diverse group of people on the front line of efforts to save the Brazilian Amazon. The filmmakers expertly dissect the economic drivers that fuel large-scale environmental destruction, while exposing the corruption and partisan politics that enable it. A loud call to action.” – Luciana Téllez Chávez, researcher, Environment and Human Rights Division, Human Rights Watch

Content Advisory This film contains images of dead bodies, threatening and offensive language, animal cruelty, and violent protests.


Edivan Guajajara


Chelsea Greene


Rob Grobman


Fisher Stevens


Maura Anderson


Zak Kilberg


Portuguese, Tupi, English


Brazil, United States