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Audio Described Version: Silent Love

Documentary 1h 12m 2022

Audio Described version for audience members who are Blind or have low-vision

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35-year-old Aga is legally adopting her teenage brother, Milosz, after their mother’s death – a process that invites intense probing into her lifestyle and ability to be a caregiver. However, there’s something she can’t share about herself in their conservative Polish village: her long-term relationship with her girlfriend Maja. Aga has always hidden her relationship from friends and family, and must continue to hide it from the social workers for fear of losing her case for Milosz. The tender images of a relationship freely lived away from prying eyes are countered by the traditional family social norms to which Milosz is subjected at school, and the personal questions of the court where Aga must make a good impression. Silent Love is a coming-of-age and a coming-out story about embracing new roles and redefining old ones - delicately capturing this trio’s discreet struggle as they begin to live as a family, against the prejudices of an ultra-conservative and viscerally homophobic society.

“This is such a beautiful film – subtle, understated and emotionally attuned.” - Graeme Reid, Director, LGBT Rights, Human Rights Watch

Advisory 12A - This film contains brief instances of offensive language.

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